About Sadak Alumni

Welcome to the Sadakathulla Appa College, Palayam Kottai, alumni blog. I am being an Alumni and Student of these prestigious alma matter welcomes your continued engagement with the college through this Blog.

There are many services and opportunities available for alumni. Please take some time to learn about what is going on at the Sadakathulla Appa College, Palayam Kottai, Alumni Community and all we have to offer you.

I dedicate this blog to all SAC'ians. In our World of Today, as always, life is centered around the College Day's. It is with that thought in mind that i have created this Blog.Some of the treasured College memories can be shared here and your photo's and videos too :D, how ever they all reflect the love of all of us being an alumni of Sadakathulla Appa College.

My Sincere thanks to all those who have came across their college day's in SAC, and all the staffs, Teachers and management of the Sadakathulla Appa College, Without their help this blog, me, you and all our fortunes have never been possibile.

I Hope All of you will enjoy the many Outstanding and treasured memories of SAC, and contributions in the near feature that follows to lead the path to our feature SAC Alumni's.

As Rightly said once by Ramaiyah, My Beloved Guide :“College is like a fountain of knowledge - and the students are there to drink”

Kudo's To You Sir, for making me where i am Now.